Using Social Networking for Business

Using Social Networking for Business

Using Social Networking for Business

 social networking for business is one the most effective ways to build your business online, if and only if you know how to use it correctly. Using social networking online helps you to connect with millions of people on a daily basis that share the same likes and interests.

You can target people by their likes, location, education, age, birthdays etc. This allows you to literally craft a marketing funnel that speaks directly to the individual. This coupled along with your ability to brand yourself and really build relationships with your prospects makes it as if you were in the room walking your potential prospects step by step through your carefully crafted marketing funnel. And that is the true power of using
social networking for business.

Unfortunately the vast majority of home based business owners are not using social media correctly. So while the masses are out there trying their hardest and not seeing any results a small handful of people are amassing small fortunes using social media for business.

So how do you do it correctly?

In order to know this you must first know exactly what it is that people want most.
1. They want a leader that can and will show them how to have success online.
2. They want a training system that will show them how to have success online.
When crafting ads you have to keep this in mind. Spamming about how great your company or your product is or even the compensation plan is, is never going to get you the success that you are looking for.
If you want to be successful at using social media for business you have to remember that people do not go on social networking sites to be pitched about business opportunities. They go on there to keep up with family and friends, and catch up on things that they are interested in.
And that is how you use it to your advantage. People that are involved in a home based business tend to "like" their company page and post on the company page. If you post relevant content that can and will help them have success in their business they are going to take note.

By using peoples "likes" in order to attract them rather than spamming your link to a company generic page you will be 10X's more likely to successful at using social networking for business.

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