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  1. Using Email Marketing Responsibly

Email Marketing Solution| Best Value for Medium Business

Using Email Marketing Responsibly

Email Marketing Solution| Best Value for Medium BusinessUsing Email Marketing 

Using Email Marketing Responsibly,

Keeping On The Good Side Of Your Audience.

We'll reveal how to use email campaigns to your profitable advantage, without getting flamed. The following is a list of key tips to keep in mind:

1. Make sure that all your lists are opt-in, and that all recipients have explicitly given you permission to mail to them. Your contacts will not complain about receiving valuable information from you. They welcome the opportunity to receive:

last-minute reminders

special offers

hot information about new products

news 'from the front lines' of their industry

2. Keep it simple include lots of white space in your messages. Use headlines and sub-headlines. Don't overuse WORDS IN ALL CAPS. Make it easy to scan and to read.

3. Short Is Better in email marketing like other kinds of sales writing where long copy outsells short copy, the standard for email is different. Consider the manner in which you sort through email, particularly when you have a build-up of messages. Online, time is often too short.

4. Avoid using attachments

Why request that your crowd faces the challenge of getting a PC infection by pointlessly requesting that they open attachments? hem to open attachments? Use them only when you have to and when your audience knows you well.

5. Don’t over email

Too much frequency may get you some extra response, but it will shorten the life span and attention span of your hard-won audience.

6. Make it easy for list members to unsubscribe.

This is absolutely key to good customer relations. Your method of handling unsubscribes will prevent spam complaints and the possible shut down of your website.

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