the man in the high castle

the man in the high castle

the man in the high castle

The man in the high castle.On this day in 1947. After the capitulation of the United States of America, the bloody struggle was finally. I'm pretty hands and we won I want you to imagine. I see a very different version of American. It's 1962 the United States no longer exists after the allied defeat in World War 2 my first time on American soil since dole much has changed the country is divided with **** Germany controlling the east coast to the right the empire of Japan occupying the west this is I want and it is on duty.

 In the neutral zone in between, I think what about myself if I. I'm Stephen root and this is the world. The man in the high castle. Do you ever think about how different life could be if you could change one thing? The incomparable Philip K.

 Dick has brought us such works as a minority report and total recall now his most thought-provoking book The man in the high castle. is an Amazon original series that has garnered widespread critical acclaim is death triggered an uprising. And captivated millions of viewers around the world amid the backdrop of our modern political climate each one of these films shows reality like ours but not in the next half hour we're going to explore this amazing story to get you ready for the upcoming season and give you a sneak preview of season 3 before we begin here are some important facts about this incredible story the people that was going on.

 Number one in the first season Hitler is alive and the leader of the rack but here's the twist he's not the most dangerous man in the party he said the put judgment to maintain peace with the Japanese his health is failing Scott Parkinson's and she can't. Then a year 6 months tops and once he dies a faction of the **** wants to annihilate the Japanese and take over the world that's right up on the floor.

 They won't hesitate to drop it again then there would be one number 2 there's the resistance. An underground group of freedom fighters we are all on the same side your website is the side that stands for freedom these are Americans who are not going to give up the fight against the **** or the Japanese. Number 3 there is no privacy. Sgt. Rooms are bugged phones are tapped. I think it was great and surveillance cameras are everywhere so a woman can. And finally, there are the films. But these aren't just any films they show alternate outcomes of major world events when the war we can win the war I told us.

 The boss had to sign. G. Isaiah Thomas I know they look real because they already live are lost in the pursuit of these films. They are extremely important to Hitler the resistance and the Japanese we don't yet know where the films come from but we do know the person who's been collecting them your headline I haven't. Our habits I play hawthorn absence and then yes he is the man in the high castle. these questions you answered.

 Think of them as the caretaker and librarian we don't know a lot about him other than he's collected thousands of films and he's definitely on the side of the resistance he washed his hands you tell the resistance what you learn about the people you see things could happen here too. Now let's meet the characters who are central to the story. Julie on a crane was born in America and lives in San Francisco of the Pacific states she's embraced the Japanese culture and lives with her boyfriend Frank. He later. Frank Frank is an American with Jewish ancestry is June you know I need no charges to or the U. S. Is a talented artist and works in a gun factory in San Francisco we have to go online what else is there.

 Joe Blake grew up in New York. His father is a high ranking **** in Berlin you always been Joe was a spy for the right but it's unclear where his true loyalties lie what a gift from nature has feelings for. Your John Smith. Served in the American military during the war so wars are necessary now we have a better world but is now a high ranking Nazi, under in New York charged with investigating the resistance until you have something very important timing. It was so good to go on the is the Japanese trade minister in San Francisco his wife and son died in the 19 fifties he's a man of peace there comes a time when the old man must bear the weight of that responsibility. Takeshi Kato is the chief inspector and head of the campaign Todd which is the Japanese military secret police inspector Keith he's extremely dedicated to the empire sacrifices necessary. The story begins in San Francisco when Juliano runs into our sister Trudy.

 I'm not saying it's gonna sound. The reason the reason. Turkey is a member of the resistance and she gives Giuliana a film. What is this, yeah but she was gunned down by the campaign tied? Giuliana is heartbroken but she takes on her sisters because. That's such a. Where is she instead? Give me the time going into place and she journeys to the neutral zone with the film. Think of the neutral zone as a buffer territory between the greater **** rank and the Japanese Pacific states it covers the Rocky Mountains but it's more like the wild west 0 ID papers. Any cops around here's the way I see it. Well, the region is politically neutral it is a dangerous place crawling with bounty hunters and vigilante is doing there's also a strong presence of the resistance came to.

Joe Blake makes his way to the neutral zone from New York on an undercover assignment for the ****. He has one of the film's hoping it will give him access to the man in the high castle. that's when he meets Guiliani by your drink it's clear they have a connection. When Julie ana comes to a target. Joe steps in to help we were the *The man in the high castle.* alone but after trusting limb Washington a member of the resistance Julie on his films confiscated as is Jones he returns to New York empty-handed much to the displeasure of a superior over the group in favor of John Smith you fail John. Hey Harry.

 I think I'll. Life in the rice might often look like mid-century America will join the SS army my country proud but it's far from it resent. Well, it's the hospital Tuesday's server and cripples the terminally ill drag on the state's citizens are fiercely devoted to the cause. Supersonic rocket planes jet across the country we'll end this story on the 2:00 hours every year victory over America day is celebrated to the most. What job in the right.

 The woman's primary function is to bear children are more important things at the rec. But I think that anyone considered quote-unquote defective is eliminated he'd be spared me being a useless eater some people think that's an ugly phrase you know. Useless either. My discipline mental from a U. S. military studies thank you but as a reminder of the consequences of the failure of, nd. In 1947 over proven purer John Smith witnessed the event.

 That essentially ended the war. Now as head of the Nazi, and in New York. Something. His position is a dangerous one. Is a target of the resistance and an attempt on his life Sir you can't suspect me we've been through this reveals enemies within his party. Yes, we. But above all John Smith is fiercely devoted to his wife and children and he will do whatever it takes to keep them safe we are ready for the day ahead yes.

 Smith's son Thomas has a disease that deems him unworthy of the rank this will be easy for you to hear Thomas didn't just pull a muscle wrestling refresher. I had a tremor. What's the. We're talking about a classic congenital disorder. There is no treatment the doctor gives John Smith the choice. Absolutely painless. Kill Thomas.

 Or be reported to the authorities you did the right thing and now. Smith takes another approach and kills the only person who knows about Thomas's condition. In the Japanese Pacific States, Americans are regarded as second class citizens. Eastern culture dominates the landscape. Is this bad you know. Can the tiny keep close tabs on citizens especially those involved with the resistance and the films we are all subject to lose miss crane and if we fail to live by the consequences are sent via.

 Frank Frank comes under scrutiny. When his girlfriend Giuliana leaves for the neutral zone. And now the combat time I want answers. Among Frank won't talk inspector keto goes after his family my sister her kids. The tragedy is a turning point for Frank you're free to go. And he vows revenge against Kato and the campaign time give it a shot at that cost is far too late to do that life is over it's already over. Giuliana returns home from the neutral zone to San Francisco and makes a connection with the resistance there's a new phone.

the man in the high castle

 Where you're not. Is a guy looking for an operative from New York Joe comes to San Francisco with a mission to find Giuliana and the film for the **** okay thanks? Several times Giuliana believes Joe is still one of the good guys so she brings him into the fold with the resistance I didn't expect you could succeed and together they work to get the film from the Japanese mafia you got the money I got a solicitor we keep the money in your coat check it when you go inside the club to have yourself a drink when you leave culture has a back to you with the film inside the line Joe gets the film the exchange is aborted traffic and when the company tirade the club the resistance is left empty-handed got to get out of. The film is gone Joe and Julie on I have no choice but to flee with the film. The films we've seen up to this point reveal alternate versions of the past however this new film provides a possible glimpse into the future one in which San Francisco is decimated by a nuclear bomb. It also shows Joe executing Frank outing Joe was a *The man in the high castle.*. If not for. Tell me what is insurance.

 With Joe's identity revealed Giuliana agrees to lead him into a trap with the resistance waiting I don't believe the phone. I think. But after a change of heart, she allows him to escape the film. What did you do it? Giuliana is Public Enemy number one to the resistance but she's the only one who sings the new film. I did just ask him if he wants to see me. So she's taken to see the man in the high castle. If you answer questions checking not the other way around. Sorn Evanson has a vast collection of films from various realities in different years that's a home movie or the July fireworks in Phoenix. 7/4/1961. It is holding. Reels chili on about what she's seen, people.

 But did you see any after the explosion? One man in the film holds special significance. The system. His name is George Dixon triptychs George Dixon is the estranged biological father of Giuliana sister Trudy is a covert member of the resistance and quite possibly the key to averting a catastrophe every film with the jets won the war San Francisco is wiped out by any bomb everyone except this one with this bastardized as a **** in an alley somewhere locating Dixon may be crucial to saving thousands of lives. Turn on the resistance group brings Julie on a back to San Francisco but one of them wants to eliminate her Abbasi said not to deliver care at St Stephen's face now I am not a.

 Giuliana escapes and goes on the run. With nowhere else to turn she puts herself at the mercy of the right. My name is yours. I work with children I can decide. Washington. Remember to go mystery stacked inside would you bring it out for me please the film vault Evanson reduces his inventory what about the rest of. Nothing like a good. Spring cleaning. At long last. We need to process the data to build a Heisenberg device amid the chaos in the Pacific states Japanese trade minister number so good to go me is focused on peace the strike with such a terrible weapon you must know the *The man in the high castle.* we retaliate millions will die and he's committed to preventing more by any means necessary I'm told that sets new health past those plans to the science minister with that not see I wish for you to listen to bands to maintain peace to go me as a man of deep reflection and his meditations enable him to travel to an alternate universe.

 To go me finds himself in the United States depicted in the film it's 19 sixties Americana with capitalism in full swing. In this reality, the US one World War 2 and is enjoying freedom and prosperity. To go to me. His wife and son are alive. Wow. Your back. And it turns out his daughter in law is none other than Julie on a crane. In this America, the U. S. is in an arms race with the Soviets. 10 years to reinforce its human race.

 Nuclear testing is taking place in the Pacific. Journalist friend says it's 1000 times more powerful than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima. To go me knows he must leave this world and head back to his reality and he takes a film with him to hopefully save the world from destruction.

 200 millimeters back in occupied America Giuliana may have defected to the rank but she quickly learns that admission isn't guaranteed laughed at exams tests questions all to determine her worth. And your bloody merry mission. John Smith recognizes the value of Julie on this knowledge so he ensures her entrance into the rush. Now on your name. Julia mills chance yeah. John's wife Helen takes it from there Jillian Miller.

 A half this is Hans. Abiding Giuliano with their own furnished apartment. Complete with TV phone and 24-hour surveillance. Giuliana tells John Smith about the films she C. including the images of San Francisco being decimated by an atomic bomb. Members of the resistance being executed in the street. Eventually, Giuliana makes contact with the resistance in New York yes I'm looking for an address please in Brooklyn for a George Dixon D. I. X. O. N. after seeing George Dixon in the films she now believes he holds the key to saving San Francisco.

 I have been working for me. George Dixon Giuliana is still considered a traitor by the resistance the first time. And she'd be dead if not for Dixon George. Demand should become undercover operative spying on the Smith family we want you to get close to dismissing and their friends why because my people are telling you to it's the deal is struck with them to keep them from killing you.

 S. sentiment. Yeah, John Smith gets a visitor from Berlin over scripture what a surprise Reinhard Heydrich is a high ranking officer in the rank thank you captain he claims his trip is for pleasure going hunting in the morning I'd be delighted if you would join me but he soon discovered that Heidrick is behind a plot to kill Hitler version change ever today now it's simply a question of whether you are part of the future. All the best it appears that John Smith will be a casualty of hard to explain while you were sleeping. But he turns the tables. Then informs Hitler of the betrayal.

 Combine them 3 to 50. Hundreds locked up. And John Smith runs a mock drill to con his prisoner into believing that Hitler is dead. And San Francisco is under attack you want right. You want the charade is all to find out who is behind the coup in the right. Thank you. Martin horseman is an engineer in the right and he's also Joe Blake's biological father Joe travels to Berlin to meet him for the first time and later thanks miss the Heisman this is partisan.

 It isn't. Peddler's health continues to decline the few have ordered to be named acting chancellor and the husband wants Joe to stay in Berlin to work alongside him as one of the possibilities here for you in if you want. Joe was hesitant at first as I'm not sure you can believe what that I. stands for. I understand Lynsey to a person. Not a cost but eventually warms to his father and decides to stay your distance grooming good I'm glad Joe was sworn in the pot. Hitler dies. And horsemen becomes the new fewer.

 Yes, yours. It's a little bit lower tax passed in his first public appearance he pens Hitler's death on the Japanese claiming they poisoned him our engines will be swept out of proportion his plan is to launch a nuclear attack on every major city in the world there is only one must race. Therefore the burden falls on us. To enter mankind's constant state of war. To the rear work.

 Affection confined to begin thank you for these people. Well, the right is preparing for war the Smith family's crumbling. Thomas's condition worsened. I don't know what you think you saw. Are you new here and I want to make sure you understand how important it is not checked any conclusions on what I saw today. He's been over-exerting himself no confusion it's true that. Thomas confides in Juli ana. The conversation is taped and John Smith is alerted. Did you do I do know is that we all have to Hans. Was it the kind of bureaucratic.

 Sean swings ones. But the resistance obtains a recording of the exchange. Now Dixon holds evidence I would take down John Smith we get this out to our partner radio people you don't have to assassinate him the *The man in the high castle.* well-executed for us so he forces Giuliana to choose. Put the gun down if they just got even give me. In the end, Giuliana can't bring herself to harm Thomas.

 Kelly Dickson keeps the Smith family secrets safe and John Smith's position in the party intact. In San Francisco, Frank is all in with the resistance and this group wants to bring serious damage to the Japanese. Bob you. So they plant a bomb at the Capitan headquarters with Frank leading the charge Dr. Palmer. Many die in the blast but keto survives and is now the first in, and you'll fit right on out sick on it but I must. To call me goes to keto with the footage of the nuclear bomb testing.

 That's not such a device intended to show this film to win Best. Impossible. Who is not an option to call me sees the film as the last hope to prevent war by using it to lead the *The man in the high castle.* to believe that Japan actually has a hydrogen bomb with a Japanese national in our custody. Your invitation keto brings the film to New York to appeal to John Smith. Both men realize the enormous stakes the empire did not assassinate you few nations will go to world peace hi John Smith takes the film to Berlin.

 Sure this is your father is proof that the Japanese have the bomb along with overwhelming evidence identifying horseman as the mastermind behind the plot to kill Hitler was not assassinated by Japanese agents he was poisoned by the same conspirator who even now is plotting to provoke a war against Japan. Come. The policeman is arrested Busquets careful. The council has. After defeating. Want our morning. You for others to change. John Smith stands before his party.

 This is family watches the event from home Thomas is inspired by his father's actions and surrenders himself to authorities to be proud of me how far is it to be proud. Thomas. I mean she's. At his home in San Francisco. Trade minister to go me receives a visitor. Mr roaming misprinted Giuliana planning never worry. After escaping New York to an undisclosed location Giuliana finds Hawthorne evidence in. Waiting in the wings what happened you showed me still many new. Thank god knew was the Juve Juliana Crain the only hope any of us at Dixon died in the alley that's the move which could live well San Francisco is still here millions of people will live because of the choice you made the good news is hugely on. In a moment of deepest despair.

 Julianna discovers. The impossible. It is possible. He's. And what does this all mean? A sneak peek into season 3 sheds light on how Trudy and others like her can cross over from different worlds with the films. Wish we believe she came here from. Another. Please come to a god to see. You're saying that. Different versions of us. Exist in other words this. Crossed the multiverse. Who has somehow gotten to the astral plane? She had this film to separate and. I have to say this is.

 Prince William Frederick's brown doctor still theoretical. We are making progress physicists and engineers are working on mechanical means of travel to other worlds. The majority of the rest of. The man in the high castle. and other prime originals are included with your prime membership stream seasons 1 and 2 now new season October 5 if you are not a prime member start your free trial today.
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